Monday, September 25, 2006

Interbike Day 1

Here's a few photos from day 1 - more to come shortly

It was busy for day 1 - the trails were packed, a few of the booths were packed and overall the folks I spoke with were happy with the turn-out. It's funny though - the first two "retailers" I talked to were friends of retailers just tagging along for a week in Vegas riding cool bikes. Makes me wonder how many of those there are.

Santa Cruz had a waiting line all day and their bikes were tough to get a hold of. Amazing feat for a brand with around a dozen models.

This is INTENSE's new SOCOM bike - it's something like a downhill bike on a diet. Intense took their world cup downhill frame and shaved off three pounds so you can actually pedal the thing uphill (a very small hill). With 8 inches of travel and INTENSE's downhill geometry, once you get some speed, it rides like an INTENSE.

Here's Kona's booth and their new HEI HEI Supreme. Kona may not be known as an XC brand, but this bike is fun and fast! I rode it for over an hour in the hills of bootleg canyon and I only had one complaint - the tires. Nonetheless, it was the best bike of the day.

This one needs a caption - According to Craig Calfee, everything on this bike is what it looks like.

If it looks like aluminum, it's aluminum.

If it looks like bamboo, it's bamboo.

If it looks like the handlebars are made out of a pair of bull's horns, they are...

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