Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now This is Interesting...

At the OIA industry breakfast, Bainbridge Graduate Institute announced the addition of an Outdoor Industry Concentration to its MBA in Sustainable Business program. Now, this would normally look like a small college simply trying to market itself, but take a look at some of the industry folks who are advising on their Sustainable Business program:

* Steve Rendle, President, Americas of The North Face
* Sarah Severn, Director of Horizons, Corporate Responsibility of Nike
* Gary Smith, President/General Manager of Timberland Outdoor Group & SVP Global Supply Chain of Timberland
* Rick Ridgeway, Vice President of Communications and Environmental Initiatives & Mountaineer of Patagonia
* Sheryl O'Loughlin, CEO of Clif Bar
* Diana Simmons, Sustainability Manager of Clif Bar
* Jared Fischer, Director of Escape Adventures
* Brooke Williams, Executive Director of the Murie Center
* Chris Van Dyke, President & CEO of NAU
* Matt Hyde, SVP Marketing and Merchandising of REI
* Kevin Hagen, Program Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility of REI



George said...

Hi Kris,

I respect BGI immensely, but your list of "graduates" includes some who were guest speakers, not students, at the school. For example, according to BGI's website, the CEO of ClifBar graduated from Kellogg MBA:

At any rate, BGI is a great program and I recommend checking them out (visit their campus!) - theirs is an MBA for the 21st century.

George Kao
Admissions Director
MBA in Sustainable Management
Presidio School of Management

Kris said...

You're right, I mis-read the press release in my haste. I corrected the post to be more accurate.