Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Outdoor Business April/May

The magazine should be in everyone's mailboxes by now. We certainly worked hard on this one, but the final edit/ship process went smoother than ever. As always, I am interested in any constructive criticism out there. We are working hard to make this THE trade magazine for outdoor retailers.

I'd also like to thank Jay Young (many of you know him as j_ung at Rockclimbing.com) for all of his help with the photos in this issue. His art really made the stories come to life.


mk said...

Cool! But..uh...what if I don't know and can't figure out how to get you to know to put one in MY mailbox? (i.e. a subscription). The freebie I pick up at OR only lasts a couple of weeks.

Kris said...


Just call our office: 704-987-3450

We'll set you up with a subscription.