Thursday, June 14, 2007

In the first week of June, the summer episodes of RSN Outdoors went live, bringing a blend of outdoor tips, special features, and real-time local weather and conditions to more than 100 RSN Resort Television affiliates nationwide.

Filmed in late May at RSN studios in Portland, Maine, the shows also feature a series of in-studio outdoor gear and fashion segments, keeping American outdoor enthusiasts engaged and entertained through the profile of more than 45 new products for the summer season.

Produced and hosted by Drew Simmons of Pale Morning Media, LLC, the special gear segments include some of the most stylish, innovative, and legendary names in the outdoor world.

“Our goal is to key on major trends in outdoor equipment and fashion, to highlight some exemplary pieces, and to drive traffic to the specialty retailers that live near the RSN affiliate network,” said Simmons. “With their national reach, RSN Television is the only media opportunity in the outdoor world that can provide such a massive amount of impressions within such a focused community.”

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