Monday, December 11, 2006

This Week in The B.O.S.S. Report

The news was short but sweet this week. Here are some excerpts.

Overall outerwear sales from the retailers covered by SportScanINFO are up in the mid-20’s for the month of November, including “Black Friday.” All of this increase came from outdoor inspired outerwear. The outdoor outerwear category saw sales increase in the upper 60% range

Snow Sports outerwear saw sales decline in the double-digits for the month, however, this category remains more evenly distributed between brands. Columbia controls the largest part of the market share, but Spyder Active Sports, TNF, Pacific Trail, Arc’Teryx, and Burton are making considerable strides in both sales and market share in the category.

Since OIA acquired Outdoor University in January, the organization has been working with retailers, manufacturers, and sales reps to see how best to shape this program to meet the needs of the industry. Previously the program was designed exclusively to help retail floor staff learn about gear and retail floor sales strategies. Now the program will be re-focused to fill a vital gap in the talent pipeline between floor staff and management.


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