Tuesday, October 03, 2006

...and the consolidation continues.

Two acquisitions this week already.

ORC Industries to Acquire Bell Canoe Works

ORC Industries (you pronounce each letter) signed an agreement with Ted Bell to acquire the assets of Bell Canoe Works of Princeton, Minnesota. Bell’s manufacturing operation will be moved to the ORC complex in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and become part of the company’s growing Outdoor Group. Ted Bell will remain with Bell/ORC to assist with the transition Bell Canoe is the second acquisition for the growing ORC Outdoor Group, which purchased Redfeather Snowshoes last winter...

But the really interesting part is that ORC "was founded in 1966 as a nonprofit employer of people with disabilities, and the company has grown to become one of the larger employers of disabled Americans in the manufacturing sector."

Second acquisition was Johnson Outdoors buying Scotland-based Lendal paddles.

It's shaping up to be an interesting week. We've also been waiting on the Helly Hansen Deal to close. No official news on who the buyers might be, but there's a lot of specualation. We know the folks over at Silversteep are working hard to get the deal done.

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