Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here's something that is Simply Frightening for Halloween

This came accross the wires this morning...

TITUSVILLE, Pa., Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Barrels of fun lead the oil market news today as plans for a special worldwide birthday celebration were announced in northwestern Pennsylvania.

The Oil 150 Committee unveiled a logo for the 150th anniversary of the oil industry which will be celebrated beginning in August 2008 through the official anniversary year of 2009. The event was held at Drake Well Museum in Titusville, PA, at the site of the world's first successful commercial oil well drilled by Col. Edwin Drake on August 27, 1859.

"The oil industry has so transformed the world through its products, from the first lamp oil to fuel, lubricants, plastics, and medicines, its impact has been rivaled only by the invention of computers," said Oil 150 Co-Chair U.S. Rep. John Peterson, R-5th District of Pennsylvania.

The Oil 150 Committee is promoting national and international entertainment and educational events and activities for the general public, students, historians, and heritage travelers.

"The anniversary celebration will recognize the important discoveries, innovations, and achievements in oil industry exploration and production, refining, transportation and storage, marketing, and business organization," said Oil 150 Coordinator Lois McElwee. "It will also incorporate the very close parallel development of the natural gas industry," she said.

Drake Well Museum in the Oil Region National Heritage Area is one of the historic sites that will be ready. An expansion and renovation plan was detailed by museum administrator Barbara Zolli in welcoming all to visit. Oil 150 Co-Chairs Lynda Cochran of the Titusville Chamber of Commerce and Bruce Wells of the Washington, DC-based American Oil and Gas Historical Society reviewed some of the Sesquicentennial celebration goals. They are to: increase public knowledge of the significance of the early oil and natural gas industry developments in Pennsylvania and later developments resulting in social and economic benefits to the world; enhance interest in oil history and oil-related education fields; and increase tourism at oil-related sites.

The theme for the sesquicentennial anniversary is, "Celebrating the Story - Progress from Petroleum."

Oil 150 is administrated by the Oil Region Alliance. Its Chairman, Jack Crawford, and President, Randy Seitz, also spoke at the logo unveiling event. Co-sponsors for the celebration are now being sought. More information about the Oil 150 Committee and its plans is available at www.Oil150.com.

My only question is, what the heck is a congressman doing sitting on the board of an oil industry's trade organization...

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Lois said...

The Oil 150 Committee is not an industry organization or affiliation. We are a committee, not a board, administered by the Oil Region Alliance. The Oil Region Alliance is the non-profit organization that manages the federally designated Oil Region National Heritage Area and the Pennsylvania Oil Heritage Region Heritage Park. The Oil 150 Committee is celebrating our proud American heritage of the Drake Well and the birth of the petroleum industry.

The Oil Region National Heritage Area is home to many historic oil related sites as well as fine biking and hiking trails, world class fishing streams, and other great outdoor venues like birding, cross-country skiing, and canoeing. The Drake Well Museum is near the bike trail running through Oil Creek State Park in the "Valley that Changed the world." We welcome you to visit the Oil Region National Heritage Area and discover our oil heritage while enjoying your sporting interests.