Monday, October 09, 2006

Climbing Dangerously

Just as Climbing Magazine's "Danger Issue" hits the stands, this report comes out of Explorer's Web...

Tibetans shot at Nangpa La - Cho Oyu Advanced Base Camp swarmed by Chinese Army – nun shot dead in front of climbers

"There is a story that happened here on the 30th and the 1st that is not being told," wrote a climber from Cho Oyu to ExWeb. “Early morning of September 30th, I walked out of our dining tent to gaze over towards the Nangpa La pass. Without warning, shots rang out. Over, and over and over. Then the line of people started to run uphill – they were at 19,000ft. Apparently the Chinese army was tipped off about their attempted escape, and had showed up with guns. Watching the line snake off through the snow, as the shots rang out, we saw two shapes fall. The binoculars confirmed it: 2 people were down, and they weren't getting up. Then more Chinese army swarmed through ABC.”

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