Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Armstrong the Business Mogul

Forbes just published an interview with Lance. here are a few excerpts...

It's all about hard work and commitment. On the bike and in business, it's about being consistent, making your case, having the best people around you and telling the most compelling story. But there are real differences. In racing, you put in the effort, test yourself and you have a really good shot at success. While that's also true in business, fundraising and research, it can all be made more difficult by the political process. Success in those areas isn't measured in miles or a weekend race. It can take a really long time to succeed.

The political process is so cutthroat. I'm not sure why you'd subject yourself to all of that, possibly win and then find out all you really have is a full time job! [Laughs] That said, public service is one of the highest forms of nobility you can aspire to. I just don't know if it's for me.


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