Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cloudveil for sale?

It looks like Cerebrus, the PE fund behind Cloudveil's parent company, SBI has hired Goldman Sachs and Rothschild to come up with a valuation for SBI. Is a sale in the works, and will they break out Cloudveil and Fila separately?

I know there is a major shortage of premium brands in the outdoor industry for sale these days, and I'm sure the bidding war over Cloudveil will be heated. If it's actually for sale.

Potential Buyers? I could see Quiksilver (ZQK) getting in on the action as well as Armor Holdings (AH) (Gregory's parent company), Liz Claiborn (LIZ), ORC Industries and a number of PE firms. Also, lets not forget about the possibility of an MBO.

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